Australian Made - what’s the advantage?


The model industry is moving into the asian market. Promise of cheaper prices with equivalent time constraints is often alluring but not necessarily achievable and often compromises on detail and durability.

Using laser machines allows us to remain competitive on both time and cost. Our models are built from premium materials and are built to last. We provide delivery and comprehensive after-sales service i.e. model maintenance, cleaning, relocation and future upgrades. Having your model built locally makes logistical sense, freight costs are far more affordable and you won’t wait weeks for customs clearance. It enables you to monitor the progress of the models construction and allows communication with us in person without having to travel overseas. This assures the quality of the product and allows easy implementation of design changes if required.

Constructing your Model

Creating models at GCMP is a highly refined process involving traditional model making techniques and modern CAD fabrication. Our models are built as a collaborative effort between the developer, the architect and our model making team. A designated project leader constantly liaises with you through-out the entire process to make sure the model is matching your vision and is suitable to your needs.

The 4-step construction process is detailed below

Step 1 - Computer Aided Design (0-30%)
Using CAD plans received from the architect our computer aided designers scale down the building plans to the size of the model, making certain it matches the supplied plans exactly. They then draw all the parts for the model in virtual space in preparation for transfer to our laser cutting machines.


Step 2 - Laser Cutting (30-40%)
The individual parts for the model are then cut out on laser cutters. Laser technology allows us to cut parts faster and more consistently accurate than in traditional model making methods. A process that used to take days can be completed in a matter of minutes. It also allows us to create highly complex elements which would have previously been too small or intricate to achieve by hand.


Step 3 - Assembly (40-80%)
From the laser machine components of the model go downstairs to the assembly workshop, for the most labour intensive part of the process. Our experienced team of traditional model makers then begin to piece it all together. Firstly the model base, building core and floor plates are assembled. From there the building form takes shape and colour with building walls and external features painted and attached.


Step 4 - Finishing (80-100%)
This is where the model comes together. Final touches are added such as awnings, shutters, balustrade and screens. Landscaping, people and cars are added to the base, your model is given a final comprehensive clean and check over to make sure it’s ready for the showroom.